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Targeted, Human-powered Quality Testing

A more targeted offer taken from the parent company – New Media Services, Unbugify provides Quality Testing for various campaigns, projects and operations. We employ multiple staff to handle standard and specialized QA work based on client specifications.

By creating a more targeted team using manpower resources adept in design, content, customer support, social media and more, Unbugify can handle virtually any manual QA task.

Our Core Values

These core principles are what empower us to provide the best quality assurance solutions. 

Whom it’s for:

Unbugify is for those interested in quality and effectiveness in the products/services they create.

What it is:

Unbugify is a QA testing service geared toward more human-powered analysis. Using real people, real judgment, and real feedback.

What it’s not:

Unbugify is not a software-based QA service. It does not involve formulaic tests that gauge the bare minimum.

Meet Our Powerhouse Team!

Raffy Nacionales



Karlo Aguilar



Merlene Leano



Anastasiia Bilous


Our story

Quality Assurance Services for various campaigns, projects, and operations. Unbugify is an off-shoot of NMS Virtual Assistant Services. Unbugify employs multiple staff to handle standard and specialized QA work. Unbugify can cover multiple facets of any project to ensure functionality, capability, and ease of use.

Unbugify is a manual quality testing service powered by human resources. Following the testing rules laid-out by clients, we ensure that test cases are followed to the dot and feedback is provided based on the specifications given.

Whether it’s testing before launching, on live sites or systems, or even for add-on features, Unbugify will provide flexible testing according to your needs.

Quality Assurance Solution at its Finest

Contact us today to learn more about how Unbugify can aid you with all your QA-related dilemmas and challenges.

You’ll Know Where to Find Us!

We operate globally. Our main office is located in Australia, with divisional offices in Manila, Amsterdam, Texas, Zurich, and Dnipro. Contact us today and we’ll be more than happy to make an assessment!


    Ian De La Cruz

    Senior Product Manager